About Zane Cleaver


Zane Cleaver

Zane Cleaver is a name that is well known in the forestry industry simply because he has been specializing this arena for at least 25 yrs. He finished his Bachelor’s diploma from the University of Canterbury focusing on Forestry Science and right after his college he was functioning as a harvest preparing executive for an organization (Fletcher Challenge Forests). With all these years, he has attained practical experience, insights, tips and profession on multiple features of the forest field like management, promotional and procedures.

Zane Cleaver also has another two years of expertise operating on the Timber Export Tracking Program cashed from European Alliance in Papua New Guinea. This was a switching factor of his daily life because he received international exposure in regards to timber marketplace, arrangement settlements alongside many solutions of send out. Harvest Planning New Zealand started by Zane Cleaver along with other people and he has been occupying the position of its Managing Director after the business was founded.

This organization was first constituted to give woodlands manufacturing solutions and it ended up Zane Cleaver‘s contract with Carter Holt Harvey Forests in the year 2004. His business also offered services in Harvesting and Advertising Operations.

Pango is another firm founded by him in the New Zealand forestry market where Zane and other experts provide extraordinary woodlands related services to nonpublic owners. The professional services extend from developing a specific harvesting plan for the individual timbers to the cargo of the trunks to the final point of sale.